Finding the Genetic Cause for Autism is Key to Better Care

A genetic cause for autism may suggest need for personalized medical management and alert you to health risks you didn't know were there (such as seizures and heart problems).

Is There a Genetic Basis to Autism?

The major cause of autism is known to be genetic (over 2,000 genes are associated with autism and/or intellectual disability). At least 1 in 3 individuals with autism may have a genetic cause identified through genetic testing. This is important to uncover as soon as possible because an underlying genetic condition can provide critical information about the child's ongoing medical and developmental needs (e.g., fragile X syndrome explains my child's autism).

Screen for Autism

Take a parent-completed questionnaire to tell if your child is meeting or falling behind on learning important skills during development such as waving "bye bye". This type of screening is recommended by pediatricians and can tell if your child is at risk for autism and/or developmental delay, in general.Learn more

Important Signs Associated with Autism

If your child has a diagnosis of autism or is at risk for autism, it is important to look for signs or clues that can help tell if there is an underlying genetic cause. Letting your doctor know if you see these signs can help them correctly diagnose and ultimately treat your child.

A Genetic Diagnosis is Recommended

While the final diagnosis is made by a medical professional, it is just as important for families to contribute in helping get to the most definitive diagnosis possible. Reaching a genetic diagnosis and uncovering the cause of autism will directly change the care and support your child receives.Learn more

How Do I Find The Best Care For My Child?

Getting the best care for your child starts with finding the underlying problem and genetics is the recommended first step. Once you find a genetic cause, the next steps may be more clear. Your child can now get medical care changes and family support that is specifically designed for their needs.